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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Google’s AdSense is one of the best money making program and most of internet entrepreneurs use it as an easy way to generate a healthy online income. There are entrepreneurs depending entirely on AdSense Revenue for their online income and most of them generate more than $5,000 a month in AdSense revenue. This mean that real entrepreneurs are earning more than $100/day with Adsense, so why not try to earn only 100$ using it. However, you will benefit form these tips to make $100 a day with AdSense.

Tips to make $100 a day with AdSense
Maybe you heard before about this Adsense tips but nevertheless they are worth repeating;

1. Position Ads Above the Fold: the best place to put your ads is the place where visitors spend most of their time most of people spend a lot of time above the fold. Above the fold is the perfect place for your ads.

2. Blend Your Ads : If you can match the fonts of ads with fonts of your website there will be more chances of having the ads clicked. Also make your adsense links Blue because blue color is the most used color for linking on the web.

3. High Paying Ads : Keywords can bring visitors to your website through search engines and also they will affect the type of ads which appear on your website. The higher advertiser bids on keywords the better you will get. To find how much an advertiser pays for keywords you can use google adwords keyword tool.

4. Best AdSense Ad Sizes : YES, size DOES mater. Adsense offers you many ads size options but from my experience i can say, the large renctangle 336 x 280 had the most clicks ( you can track your ads and click by using channels ). 336×280 ads blend with any content very well. If you are looking to place ads in your website’s sidebars, you can choose from 160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper), 120 x 600 (Skyscraper), and 120 x 240 (Vertical Banner).

5. Improve your CTR : The most important AdSense Tip is to improve your Click Through Rate. The best way to increase your Adsense revenue is to increase CTR. you can do this by following first 4 Adsense tips. You can compare your website pages Click Through Rate & tweak things to improve CTR. To be allowed to compare pages stats you must use channels for your google ads.

If you want to hit the $100 a day with adsense than follow this easy AdSense tips to ensure that your site is AdSense ready website and optimized properly to maximize your online earnings using Adsense …


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